I offer my consultancy services to companies, governments, insurers, and lawyers. This includes the following services:

The Dutch co-insurance market

Advice regarding specific regulations, model policy conditions, etc. used in the Dutch co-insurance market, the Dutch Insurance Exchange Association (VNAB).

Advice regarding the following topics. As chairman of many VNAB committees and through my participation in other committees, such as the Adfiz legal committee, I was able to gain extensive legal and practical knowledge of:

  • VNAB model policy conditions
  • Specific VNAB arrangements and regulations, such as payment and payment risks
  • Disputes about Intermediary Changes
  • Competition laws and regulations in the insurance market

Policy coverage and claims

Advice regarding existing policy coverage and complex claims. These are non-life insurance policies based on Dutch or English law. In addition, I can act as an expert in ongoing procedures in this area.

Contract risk management

Advice on contract risk management. This relates to contracts that have been terminated or already concluded in relation to your existing or covered policy coverings. You can think of insurance contracts in contracts regarding:

  • Construction projects on land and offshore
  • Shipbuilding
  • Renting out land equipment

This is a specific form of contract risk management.

Competition regulations

Advice in the field of competition regulations.

Given the increased attention within the Netherlands and the EU for anti-competitive practices, competition is an important issue for the non-life insurance market. As a participant in an ad hoc committee of the Dutch non-life insurance market, I was closely involved in the consultation with the NMa, currently the Consumer and Market Authority (ACM), to resolve the resulting discussions about brokerage pools. This led to the Protocol Intermediary Pools of the Association of Insurers.

In addition, I could contribute to the establishment of BIPAR High Level Principles, which formulate practical rules for placing insurances in co-insurance in line with competition rules. This initiative by BIPAR, the European organization of insurance intermediaries, was greatly appreciated by the European Commission.

I closely follow the developments in this important area.

Insurance premium tax and VAT

Advice regarding insurance premium tax ( IPT) and VAT on premium and insurance services.

I have more than 40 years of experience with questions about insurance tax and VAT, having had many discussions with tax authorities and the Ministry of Finance. I was been able to contribute to solutions to legal uncertainties and transitional arrangements for a number of increases in the insurance rate. I can also advise you if you have any questions about when VAT or insurance tax is due.



I regularly give lectures and workshops regarding, among other, the Erasmus Academy practice course Co-insurance and idem Maritime Insurances. Of course, I'm also available to do this for my clients.


My rates

My rates are based on a predetermined, market-based, hourly wage that depends on the estimated number of hours needed and the complexity of the subject of advice. A fixed rate can be arranged for lectures and workshops.



As a writer and/or editor, I have contributed to books about the insurance industry, including:

  • Verzekering ter beurze, coassurantie in theorie en praktijk
  • Zicht op toezicht in de verzekeringssector
  • De Wansink-bundel; van draden en daden; liber amicorum
  • Hans Catz, trouwe makelaar ter beurze

Would you like to use my knowledge as a consultant in the field of (large) corporate non-life insurance? Contact me now.